Includes 4 guns and 4 head sets with HUD and coms. If you want to test please bring a bunch of AA batteries.
My kids had lots of fun with these and their friends, but they have now outgrown them. They are in excellent condition as they were an expensive toy that provided hours and hours of outdoor exercise.
From Hasbro:
Tag! You're hit. Take high-tech fun and adventure to the extreme with this deluxe Lazer Tag game. The key is a wireless tagger with LCD display that provides live-action readout of 7 game stats and communicates with teammates' devices. Put on the heads-up display unit (HUD) like a pair of sunglasses and get real-time audio/visual feedback like "target locked on," "target is hit" and "you are hit." The 2-player system comes with 2 tagger units, 2 HUD units, 11 preprogrammed games plus the ability to custom-design a virtually unlimited number of games. Use with the Lazer Tag 2-Player Team Talk System (sold separately). For ages 8 and up. Imported.